Residential Masonry Construction

iHome Designs is proud to be a leader for masonry work in Upper Saddle River and surrounding areas. Although we’ve earned a strong reputation as a premier roofing company resource, there’s more to us than meets the eye. We’re able to provide you with the superior service you need and the level of quality work you deserve. Whether it’s the craftsmanship of concrete masonry or pavers for a walkway, we can handle it all.

One thing that remains the same is that the work we do for masonry will withstand time tests. It may be structural, decorative, or both, but you can feel confident that the quality will be topnotch. Contact iHome Designs today at 551-427-3613 to get started on your masonry project with our knowledgeable team.

Superior, Handcrafted Masonry for Your Home

Maybe you want to design the ideal walkway leading up to your dream home, or perhaps you need chimney repairs. Either way, iHome Designs offers superior results for handcrafted masonry. We’re the reliable local company to call for masonry services.

If you’re considering pavers for a project for your home, you’ll be able to enjoy advantages such as:

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Maintain and Repair
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Durable
  • Longevity
  • Color Selections

Above all else, our promise to you is that we’ll create a patio, walkway, driveway, or another project that you’ll love. We work with each client to design and develop an outcome that meets and exceeds expectations. It’s easy to do with pavers because they’re a strong but beautiful choice for creating a building material. If you already have pavers in place that need repair, we’ll also be able to handle that for you expertly.

Benefits of Building With Masonry

The fact that well-executed masonry work is stunning is undeniable. It’s one of the primary reasons for choosing stone masonry or other forms of masonry. Some of the other advantages of hiring us for superior masonry work are:

  • Energy-Efficiency
  • Structurally Durable
  • Fire-Resistance
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Sound Control

Although quality masonry work can come with a higher price tag than other options, it’s a good value. You get beautiful, long-lasting structures for a fair price.
This includes the cost of the materials and labor, and we assure you that you’ll get only the best for both when working with iHome Designs. Give us a call right now, and let’s schedule your masonry project in Upper Saddle River or a neighboring community.