8 Signs That You May Need New Gutters

Gutters run water away from your house to protect the foundation and other structural elements from water damage. However, gutters don’t last forever, and they stop functioning well after years of exposure to the elements. Here are eight signs for gutter replacement.

Cracks in Gutters: How to Detect and Address Hidden Damage

Cracks in your gutters start as small splits that won’t be apparent until stormy weather. If left unchecked, gutter fissures expand over time to cause damage to surrounding structures like fascia boards and shingles.

Most homeowners attempt to close gutter cracks with sealant or flashing, but gaps in an older gutter system will only become more frequent. Fortunately, modern gutter materials are more durable and long-lasting. Ask your gutter technician about replacing your gutters with reliable materials that withstand the elements.

Seam Problems: Upgrading to Seamless Gutters for Lasting Protection

Traditional gutters feature two pieces of materials attached at the seams. Seam stress is common where two horizontal sections join and results in costly leaks. While minor separations can be fixed, consider replacing your gutters if you often call repair technicians for disjointed gutter sections.

Seamless gutters avoid this problem altogether because manufacturers don’t partition them into individual pieces. These gutters are leak-resistant and long-lasting when compared to standard gutter systems.

Sagging Gutter Solutions: Preventing Water Damage to Your Home

Sagging is a common gutter problem if too much rain, snow, or debris weighs down gutters until they pull away from your home. Over time, the trapped water in the gutters deteriorates the roofline, trim, and fascia boards. Sagging gutters can also indicate that you need a larger gutter system to handle the load.

Most homeowners discover that sagging gutters are beyond repair after they drain water or clear the debris. The best solution is to replace your gutters with a low-maintenance system that discourages the accumulation of water and debris.

Peeling Paint and Gutter Leaks: The Connection You Shouldn't Ignore

Water seeps down to siding and trim when sagging gutters pull away from the house. The constant exposure to moisture causes the exterior paint to start peeling off. If you have painted gutters, you might also notice peeling sections that indicate leaks. The peeling paint ruins your home’s curb appeal, and although you may repaint the siding, the issue recurs if you don’t replace your gutters.

Rusty Gutters: Recognizing the Warning Signs and Exploring Solutions

Rust is a common problem with galvanized steel gutters that indicates that you cannot rely on your gutter system to drain water effectively. You may see orange patches around gutter joints or other sections. Rusty gutters are prone to fracturing and crumbling, and there is nothing that can fix gutter corrosion. In this case, ask a gutter expert about rust-resistant systems that protect your house from water damage.

Mildew Growth and Foundation Damage: The Impact of Leaky Gutters

Mildew in the exterior or interior of your home is a cause of concern as it may result in costly repairs. Moisture accumulation near the foundation due to leaking gutters is a top cause of mildew growth and foundation damage. Over time, the water seeps into the basement, which will lead to more property damage. If you see mildew, algae, or pools of water around the foundation, check the gutter system’s condition immediately.

Rotting Trim and Fascia: Gutter Replacement to Preserve Your Home

Malfunctioned gutters leave rainwater to cascade over your house rather than away from it. The excess moisture rots trim, fascia, soffit, door jambs, window sills, and other wooden structures. The longer you delay gutter replacement, the more damage these elements accrue, and the higher your repair costs.

Water Marks and Gutter Leaks: When to Consider Gutter Replacement

Observe your gutter system frequently for watermarks, ideally on a bright day without rain. Dirty streaks under the gutters or along the siding indicate leaks that may damage fascia boards and soffit. Luckily, a gutter expert quickly replaces your gutter system to prevent further water damage.

Small leaks in gutters lead to costly repairs, especially if the water pools around the foundation or seeps into the basement. Our maintenance-free gutter systems at iHome Designs are great for homeowners who don’t want to worry about cracks, sagging, and leaks. Contact us today for expert gutter installation.

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