Tips to Maximize New Roofing ROI

A roof replacement increases your home’s value, but the long-term profitability of the investment varies between projects. Roofing installation requires a lot of labor, materials, and time, which is why you should make the undertaking as profitable as possible. Check out the tips below to maximize the ROI of your roof project.



Many homeowners lay new roofs on top of older roofing systems to save money and time. However, this approach is misguided and shortsighted. A layered roof adds extra weight to your home’s structure, and older homes often experience significant settling from the additional stress. Roof layers also trap heat and diminish the roof’s lifespan.

Home inspectors aren’t huge fans of layered roofing systems because they don’t fare well in extremely windy situations. If you sell your home, real estate professionals may point out the newly-layered roof, discouraging potential buyers.

Well-informed homeowners are aware of roofing conditions and may be unwilling to consider your property. Layering a roof can also void your warranty since most manufacturers believe reroofing significantly diminishes a roof’s performance.


High-quality materials ensure your roof is durable, long-lasting, and appealing. Many homeowners use cheap components to save costs, but most buyers spot a terrible roofing job from the street. Most buyers also don’t want to pay much for a house with roofing they must replace after a few years.

So, consider modern roofing materials like metal which offer impressive performance against the elements. You don’t have to buy expensive roofing materials, as the market has many mid-range options that last several decades. The material should blend with your home’s architecture and the neighborhood’s aesthetic.


Regular maintenance after having the new roof installed up to the sale of your home is a critical step to recouping the most benefits. Roofing maintenance has numerous benefits, including extending your roof’s lifespan. Roofing materials have different lifespans, but certain factors affect a roof’s longevity and lead to premature failure.

Frequent upkeep is also the best way to detect roofing problems early before they balloon into costly defects. Seemingly minor issues like broken shingles cause leaks and other serious complications that demand expensive repair and replacement projects. Maintenance also preserves your roof’s appeal, which attracts buyers when selling your home.


Potential homebuyers are drawn to newly installed roofs, as they don’t have to undertake expensive roofing projects in the near future. As such, advertising your high-performance roofing system helps your home stand out in the market.

The roof’s gleaming photos at different angles should feature prominently in listing pictures. Additionally, ask your agent to highlight qualities that appeal to buyers, such as being energy-efficient and expertly installed. You can even quote the roof’s expected lifespan and ask the agent to draw attention to it as people tour the home.


Roof warranties don’t automatically transfer to homebuyers after purchase. When you install a new roof, consider a transferable warranty, which spares the new homeowners from out-of-pocket expenses arising from manufacturing defects.

A warranty transfer is a key selling point among homebuyers, who may pay top dollar for the benefits. Warranty transfers cost a few hundred dollars on average, and it may be the move that seals the purchase deal so your family can move on.

The perfect roof doesn’t need to break the bank, as the roofing market has multiple materials and styles. At iHome Designs, we only use high-quality, affordable roofing materials to help you maximize the benefits of your new roof. Contact us today for reputable roofing services.